rushi soni

Hi, this is Rushi Soni, A happy student of Ace. The admission in 'ACE' was a fortune to me given by god, I feel. I don't have words to share my experiences in Ace. Ace is not like other tuitions where the classes are all about studies; it is a mixture of fun, knowledge, creative ideas, explorations, interactions, practicality and what not. The best part of it is that, being in coaching classes for the dream colleges like NID & NIFT, we are getting small creative projects from the industries. Lastly, I would like to thanks Ace for giving us such a great faculties, who not only prepare us for the aspiring design colleges but also do their best to improve our personality.

Rushi Soni, Student
ayushi agarwal

Hello everyone, this is Ayushi Agarwal from Allahabad. I was very much scared of coming all the way from Allahabad to Ahmadabad for this coaching, but now I am happy with the fact that my decision of coming down to Ahmadabad and join Ace was right and now I am a "HAPPY ACEIAN". I don't want to write anything about the classes, experiences in Ace, as one should come and experience it. The efforts made by the faculties over here with the students will definitely pay one day.

Ayushi Agarwal, Student

I Choose Ace Edutech as it guides correctly towards achieving dream. Faculties over here give the best teaching both the aspects GAT &CAT are given equally importance at Ace. As infrastructure is concerned it has the best infrastructure and it is fully wi-fi zoned. Practice sessions are conducted every day which brushes up the skills. ACE helps in seeing beyond the boundaries. I am really enjoying my classes in ACE.

Mauli Gadhecha , Student

The experience at ACE has been amazing. From the day I have joined, I have learned a lot. The friendly nature of the faculty and the fun practice session makes it easy for us to understand and interact with them. I am finally confident that I can dream of getting into my desired designing college. I am hoping for the best thing happen in my life of getting into NID, with the guidance of ACE.

Adwait Nautiyal , Student

Joining ACE was the first step to success. The students in Ace are inspired on daily basis to work hard day by day. The faculties, apart from the studies even counsel the students and make sure the overall growth of the students. The faculties are even connected with the students via mails, giving us all kind of necessary info related to curriculum. The faculties make sure that student acquire more and more knowledge, and also the students grow as an individual. The best thing is faculties believe in the students get through for what they joined ACE.

Kajol Sakaria , Student

Hi, This is Palak. For me Ace Edutech is golden gate of my career. I love to come here and take classes with different faculty of NID, NIFT, CEPT etc. Here the group of students is also to good and very much aspiring. Ace Edutech is the best. So a person who is interested in this field should join ACE & achieve his/her goals.

Palak Patel , Student

ACE… The name itself signifies excellent and great which reflects the institution in best manner. I feel this institution has given all that one needs to enter into the design field. All you need is Aptitude, Interest and Personality. My experience in Ace Edutech till now was really nice in all terms of lectures, practice, dealing with faculties and friends. I have definitely improved my creative thinking, general knowledge, quantitative and logical reasoning. The lectures, practice sessions are very elaborate, personally attended and well explained. We also had been taken to a site visit where we had to actually put our skills on paper seeing a building in case of perspective drawing.

Also we had been given an opportunity to exhibit our ideas in the best manner. Talking about the faculties, they are very friendly and polite. But when necessary they play a strict role. I am really impressed by their dual personality. Last but not the least, to the surprise mock test gives us clarity about where we stand and how much we need to do. So the summary is, I think Ace being an institution develops a child's bright future in design field. If anyone enquires me for any design coaching institute, then I would definitely suggest "ACE EDUTECH".

Anushree Bagadia , Student

Hey this is Priyanshi Shah one of the students of Ace. About ACE I would say that taking admission in Ace was a correct decision for me and the same is definitely going to help me to get in to a best designing college. Faculties here are very frank so we find an easy interaction with them. The institute is a WIFI zoned which is really very helpful to us. The best part is both CAT-GAT are given equal importance which is very necessary to get in to a good designing college. Practice sessions are full of fun & knowledge. At last I would just say that one should come and experience the perfect environment at ACE Edutech who are aspiring for design.

Priyanshi Shah , Student

The day I joined Ace it was amazing. I learned a lot from the faculties and students also. Discovering design concept with faculties was very much helping. I learned a way to draw and design my creative thoughts. There is good atmosphere to share and discuss creativity with people I had a nice experience in ACE EDUTECH which has helped me in securing AIR of 44 in IIT CEED Exam.

Sahil Trivedi , Student

Joining Ace is a learning experience for me. The faculties over here are too friendly & its always good to learn from friendly teach. The unique thing about Ace is that you can cmme any time over here and clear your doubts.

Fatema Dhandhukawala , Student

My prepration for NATA started after joining ACE Edutech. My drawing abilities were guided by the experienced faculties here. MOCK test helped me in improving my negetaive points. Audio visual lectures gave a clear idea about the respective subjective. Mr. Suhas Parikh always gave the motivational push whenever we required. It was a wonderful experience and one should choose Ace for preparing for Design Colleges.

Shrey Patel , Student

Hey I am Princy Sheth and I went to so many institutes but I joined Ace Edutech. I find it best from others. Here they provide with best faculties which are very friendly to us. The infrastructure is also very good. Here there are so many seminar organized which becomes a good guidance to me. The unique thing of Ace is they also teach us to develop soft skills which none other institute does. They also take us to different exhibition and different institute. In short it's the best I find.

Princy Sheth , Student

The best part about Ace Edutech is you have the liberty to sit here and work for long hours, after than your batch timings. The faculty here is experienced and use visual interface technology to help us understand better. Regular tests are conducted and our feedbacks are taken on regular basis. So, it's an institute which provide complete guidance to student for cracking design entrance exams.

Setu Goyal , Student

Ace is a place where you can learn along with having fun. I am coming to Ace which is best, its infrastructure is really good and the interior of Ace gives an internal feeling of doing something. We learn, we create design along with having fun.

Jinita Waghmare , Student

Besides the good quality of education provided at ACE, what has touched me the most about this institute is that unlike other institutes, teachers here are comparatively less concerned about a child cracking any particular exam and more concerned about that child's career on the whole. The involvement of the faculties on one on one basis and their friendly nature, helped me enjoy while learning. While preparing for a management related course there were a lot of things related to the management world that i was unaware of, Ace has helped me draw my attention to those aspects. Making students meet professionals from the field, conducting various seminars and workshops are excellent exposure options for students. The campus and various other facilities are very students friendly. I'm glad that made the right choice of learning at ACE.

Priya Shah , Student
kunal nair

After gruelling research and countless visits to different institutions i have indeed found the best.ACE has changed the whole face of the examination preparation as we know it. After reading through what ACE had to offer i was really impressed . I feel that the inclusion of soft skills is indeed unique i am looking forward to enrolling in ACE.

Kunal Nair , Student
yogesh patel

We were worried that our child would never be able to clear design entrance examination because they were too work intensive . After talking to the experts at ACE we now know that the innovative course put together by IIM-A alumni is the perfect course for my child.The content of the course is very innovative and i am sure my child will indeed ACE beyond boundaries.

Yogesh Patel , Parent

I believe that design is a very important and professional course and in order to apply for design institutions we need to be trained by nothing less than professionals. ACE offers just that , with faculty from top design institutions like NID CEPT NIFT etc,the ACE team is excellent. I can expect nothing but perfection and all round development .Through ACE i believe i can achieve what i desire.

Aashka Bhavsar, Student.

Ace "All in One" material made my life simple and easy by giving me one material for all design entrance exams as it is a big hassle to buy different material for different entrance exams.

Radhika– Jaipur/ Preparing for NID/NIFT and NATA

Ace "All in One" material saved more than Rs.12000 for me as it covered all the design entrance exams' curriculum.

Anamika– Bangalore/Preparing for NID and JEE-B.Arch

I have subscribed material from other institutes and then I came to know about ACE "All in One" material it is the best material and covers more than double topics compared to any other institute.

Pratigya– Delhi/ Preparing for NID

With the help of Solved examples and practice exercises with solutions it is really easy learn and practice at home. I was also able to track my progress and work on my mistakes through Ace Mock test series.

Jigna– Mumbai/Preparing for NIFT